Lemon myrtle sugar scrub
Lemon myrtle sugar scrub

Lemon myrtle sugar scrub

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 This sweet scented citrusy scrub will have you smelling fresh and zesty. Scented with Lemon myrtle and coloured in a soft yellow hue. This scent promotes a refreshing, uplifted positive vibe.


Best Use: NO MORE THAN 2-3 TIMES A WEEK IN THE SHOWER WITH A LUFA/WASH CLOTH ON WET SKIN. This exfoliant removes dead skin, and leaves you skin incredibly soft, supple, hydrated! Always conduct a patch test first. 

Always check the product label for up to date ingredients!

Ingredients: 100% pure castle soap, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, refined castor sugar, pigment, essential oils

Weight: 150g approx